people who give sousuke all this credit for keeping rin on the path to his dreams and thinking rin wouldn’t be able to make it there



sry but if Sousuke hadn’t shown up Rin STILL would’ve swum the way he did at Prefecturals against Haru

and he STILL would’ve gotten scouted by like 10 different schools or whatever like he did

Sousuke has done nothing whatsoever to help Rin as far as reaching his dream yet. Quite the contrary, he’s the one who keeps distracting Rin, making him have to worry about whatever Sousuke’s problem is and warning him against “playing around with his friends” when despite everything Rin’s done for them so far—volunteering to race them in episode 2, giving Rei swimming lessons—he’s still managed to get multiple scouts clamoring for him.

I’m interested in Sousuke’s arc, and I’ve been a Sousuke fan since he was introduced back in HS1, but stop building him up to be your new bara god. He’s as flawed as the rest of them, and Rin’s a trooper for doing as well as he has despite his ~big strong seme boyfriend~ trying to start shit without his permission or any remote need :|